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The Reallygood Edinburgh Musical Improv eXtravaganza Festival

6-8th October 2023. 

All Inclusive Ticketing


100% Wheelchair Accessible

Jams every night

Choose Your Own Adventure











This festival will be a full weekend of musical improv comedy joy! We've gathered four amazing teachers to come to Edinburgh and teach you the skills you'll need to have the best possible time performing completely improvised musical comedy as part of short form, in your normal improv shows, or as a fully improvised musical. We will have a huge range of musical class topics, as well as classes about core improv skills (no singing required!). Each class will be limited to max 16 people so you will get plenty of time practicing in each class and lots of individual feedback from your teachers.

Most attendees will sign up for a weekend pass that includes classes on Saturday and Sunday, as well as shows and jams every night. You'll tell us which classes you want to do (via a ranked list of all the classes available), and the sooner you submit your preferences, the more likely it is you will get your top 3 classes.


We want to make sure everyone has a pass that suits them, so we also have a few alternative passes available (full details in the tickets section):

  • Musician's Intensive with Laura Hall-  6 hours of classes on Friday with Laura all about how to play for improvised musical shows. This pass also includes all of the evening jams and shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

  • Complete Beginners Track- Never done musical improv before? Feeling very rusty and want to start from the basics? Are you a musicals geek who has never improvised before? This is the course for you. You'll get a chance to learn with each of our teachers with 9 hours of classes across the weekend and all of the evening activities included.

  • Saturday only pass- This is for people who can only attend on Saturday and will include 6 hours of classes and just the Saturday night jams and shows.

  • Sunday only pass- This is for people who can only attend on Sunday and will include 6 hours of classes and just the Sunday night jams and shows.

  • Shared passes- If you think you will struggle to do all of the activities across this weekend, but you still want to do some things on each day, you are very welcome to team up with another improviser and share a full weekend pass. This might be because you need more breaks to rest, or you might be travelling with your partner and child, and need to take turns with childcare. Our venue capacities are quite strict so we can't have both of you attending at any point, but as long as you can let us know who you're sharing with, and which one of you is likely to be at each event, you are very welcome to share a pass with another attendee.

  • Evening events and single classes- depending on how many of each pass we sell, there may be a VERY limited number of tickets available for individual classes/shows/jams across the weekend. We will announce details about this closer to the event. Please don't rely on these because they may not exist.

Every class, every show audience, every jam stage, and every post jam drinks venue will be wheelchair accessible


We will also do our absolute best to accommodate any other access needs participants may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs before you buy a ticket.


Attendees on a weekend pass will be able to choose classes from the 'singing and 'no singing' columns, and attendees on the beginners track will just do the classes listed in their column. The main takeaways here are you're going to have opportunities to learn with excellent teachers, there will be brilliant stuff to do and see every night, and you'll also have plenty of time for food. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?? Intrigued? check out our class descriptions for beginners and choose your own adventure passes below!

Countdown to REMIX

25th April

Full Class Schedule Released

Find out what classes our amazing teachers will be offering across the weekend.

1st May

Buy Your Ticket

Tickets for the festival will go on sale on 1st May 2023 at 12 noon on Humanitix.

20th May

Send us your class preferences

You will be able to submit your preferences via a google form for classes from Saturday 20th May 2023 at 12 noon. The sooner you submit your preferences, the more likely it is you will get your top choices.

Two Weeks Later

Classes Confirmed

You will receive confirmation of your classes within 2 weeks of submitting your preferences.

20th June

Book Team Coaching

We will have a limited number of slots and rooms available during the day on Friday 6th October for teams to be coached by our teachers. The cost of these sessions will cover the teacher's time and the room hire cost and are completely separate to the event passes. Your team can sign up to one of these slots via the private coaching google form (link tbc).

11tH JuLY

Apply to Perform

Applications will be open for 5-15 minute performance slots in our Saturday and Sunday night shows. Bring your team from home or get together with other attendees to make a team for the festival. Your performance can be musical or non-musical- we'll have plenty of both! We will send out our google form application link to all attendees nearer the time.​


Shows Confirmed

Evening show line ups (headliners and visiting team show slots) will be added to the schedule

6-8th October

The REMIX Festival!

Let the extravaganza commence! With choose your own adventure classes, a dedicated musicians track, a complete beginners track, stellar headliner shows, and improv jams every night!



Musicians Intensive: Summerhall

Jam: Summerhall's Wee Red Cinema

Late-night Drinks: Royal Dick Pub


Classes: Pleasance Courtyard

Shows and Jam:  Summerhall's Wee Red Cinema

Late-night Drinks: Royal Dick Pub


Classes: Pleasance Courtyard

Shows and Jam:  Summerhall's Wee Red Cinema

Late-night Drinks: Royal Dick Pub


* If you're signing up for the musicians intensive AND you want to do the Saturday/Sunday classes, then there will be an option at the checkout to reduce the cost of your ticket and only purchase one place in the evening activities


BEGinner Track
Class descriptions

Badda bing badda boom and rhythm 101

Raquel Palmas

In this class, students will work through rhythmic patterns and discover the joys and the challenges of flow patterns. Diving into some of today’s best song makers and writers we will look at the history of these rhythms and how they translate into pop culture and musical improv. 

Finding Your Voice

Laura Hall

If you feel uncertain about singing in improv shows (or singing in general), this is for you! We’ll focus on using your voice in healthy ways, projecting, feeling the rhythm of the accompaniment, finding your own melodies, and singing harmonies.

Easy Scenes

Will Naameh

There’s no such thing as good or bad scenes - only hard or easy scenes. Three hours of games and exercises to make your scenes easy all the time. Open to all levels! Complete beginners to improv will find this workshop a fun and useful starting point. Experienced improvisers will get the chance to un-learn some “rules” which may have been making your scenes harder all along

Musical Improv 101

Pippa Evans

This class is for anyone who has always wanted to dip their toe into improvising musicals but hasn’t had the chance. Everyone is welcome and all voices are welcome - this is the place to get up and have a go at creating instant musical theatre.


CHoose YOUR OWN ADventure
Class descriptions

Fun is Funny: improv made silly

Raquel Palmas

Joy is a gift both on stage and off. In this class students will explore the power of being silly and learn if you are having fun the audience is as well. 

Holla if you hear me: using authentic voice and character rapping

Raquel Palmas

In this class, students will explore what it means to freestyle from a place of truth and self-love. We will explore both character work and free-styling exercises then blend the two!

Intro to Improvised Rap

Will Naameh

Improvised rapping is one of the things improvisers find most terrifying. We’re often taught in musical improv to “not worry about rhyming, because it’s hard”. This workshop will help you turn that fear into joyous fun, and give you the confidence and ability to rhyme for minutes on end!

Scenes Into Rap

Will Naameh

Scenes, scenes, scenes, but then - as each scene progresses - you must rap! If that sounds terrifying, this is the workshop for you. Learn how to fluidly transition your scenes into hip hop musical numbers with charisma, confidence, and commitment! You and your scene partner will be slamming rhymes TOGETHER in seamless unison!

Sing it! A Journey into musical genres 

Raquel Palmas

In this class, students will explore the relationship between emotion and genre. Using these emotions we will tackle how musical style can inform the reality of the scene. 

Stage Picture (Let’s make it look like a musical rather than a hot mess)

Pippa Evans

So often, improvisation focuses on what is being said with words, rather than through the space. In this class, we will work to create beautiful stage pictures and explore how the improvised staging feeds into the narrative itself.

Group Songs

Laura Hall

We’ll focus on group musical forms, taking turns, coming to choruses, supporting each other, and ending together. We’ll also explore improvised choreography and movement!

How Scenes turn into Songs

Laura Hall

We’ll be working on scenes that raise the emotional stakes, then move easily into songs. When you build relationships with your scene partner, and have strong character wants, you’ll be able to sing compelling, interesting songs.

Rhyming Masterclass (Mind Blank? Visit the Rhyme Bank)

Will Naameh

“How does your brain work so fast? How do you rhyme so quickly? Why can’t I ever think of a rhyme in the moment?” As any freestyle rapper will tell you, rhymes are something you practice. This improv rapping workshop will give you the secrets to building your own gigantic rhyming dictionary - inside your head. Whether you’re improvising a song, a poem, or a rap, you’ll NEVER be stuck for a rhyme again!

Short Form Song Games

Laura Hall

We’ll play some of your favourite short form games, and hopefully introduce you to some new ones. We won’t be looking at “gimmicks” for the games, but strategies to help you play them at the top of your ability. If you’re on a short form team and always get nervous when song games come up, or you want to encourage your team to play song games, this is perfect for you.

Solos- aka your time to SHINE!

Pippa Evans

One of the most terrifying things in an improvised musical is when we are called upon to sing a big, kick ass solo. This workshop will be about taking up space, crafting a brilliant song in the moment and delivering it like it is a masterpiece (because it is). To take this class, you should already be able to improvise a basic song.

You Can DUET! (how to sing with someone you just met on stage)

Pippa Evans

In this workshop, we will get specific about how we can create incredible, musical-worthy duets in the moment, even if we have just met for the first time. To take this class, you should already be able to improvise a basic song.

CYOA Class Descriptons

Returns, Refunds, Ts&Cs etc

Officially all tickets are non refundable and non transferrable, once you buy a ticket you are committing to attend.

That being said, we get it, plans change and stuff happens. Up until 1 week before the event, you can email us letting us know you can't make it and give us details of the person you have found who wants to take your place. Do not take any money from them until we have been in touch with both of you to confirm A) you have a place and B) they want that place. Facebook events for sold out festivals are full of scammers trying to take your money and we do not want anyone to get tricked. If you send money to someone who claims to have tickets before contacting us and they run away with it, we can't help you. We promise we will let you know if there are any extra tickets available, and we'll set up a waiting list if the event sells out.

We want to make sure this festival is an enjoyable weekend for everyone. We're aware that sometimes people in local improv communities make mistakes, and get asked to take some time out while they work on how they interact with other people. If this is something you've been asked to do, please assume that we feel the same way as your local safe spaces team, and would prefer you keep doing that work for now and don't buy a pass to our event this year. This is literally just me, Christine Simpson, organising this event. If I learn that you were creepy, abusive, or repeatedly disrespected people in your community, I reserve the right  to return your ticket and/or refuse you access to this event.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is adapted from the excellent one at Hoopla. We ask all of our students and teachers to follow these guidelines at all times:

  • Support each other, on stage and off stage.

  • Work together as a team.

  • Listen to your scene partner.

  • Collaborate with your scene partner, unless you feel it is unsafe or demeaning to do so.

  • Respect physical boundaries and don’t do anything physically dangerous to yourself or your scene partner.

  • Respect sexual boundaries, on and off stage.

  • Improvise from a place of fun, love, kindness and respect for your fellow improvisers and audience. A good rule of thumb is to find humour in things people CHOOSE rather than things they ARE.

  • Safety, trust and support is always more important than the temporary existence of an improv scene. So if in doubt, stop the scene, and you won’t be made to feel bad for doing so.

  • Difficult subject matter in scenes is to be treated with full emotional intelligence, and your teacher is there to help you with this.

  • Help us to create an environment free from harassment of any kind, on and off stage.

  • Show respect for your teachers and fellow performers by turning up on time and not using mobile phones during workshops or shows.

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