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The Reallygood Edinburgh Musical Improv eXtravaganza Festival

Tickets on sale 7th April

The next REMIX festival will be on the 18-20th October 2024 and we are so excited to be back, bigger and better than ever before. Tickets will go on sale in early April and you can find out more about what we've got planned in our announcements section.


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Remix 2023

Every class, every show audience, every jam stage, and every post jam drinks venue will be wheelchair accessible


We will also do our absolute best to accommodate any other access needs participants may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs before you buy a ticket.

What's happening in 2024? We're making some changes and keeping our all our favourite bits exactly the same


  1. Mixing up the timetable: Remix will run from Friday 18th - Sunday 20th October with class options for everyone on all three days, so if you’re booking travel/time off, keep that in mind. The rough plan each day is classes from 11am-6pm and shows and jams from 8pm-midnight.

  2. Remix is growing! We’ve expanded our capacity to 120 participants and we’ve got an amazing new theatre for all of our shows.

  3. All classes will be choose your own adventure style, with the beginners track classes open for everyone. This means you can design your own weekend based on your interests and current skill level e.g. you can be a beginner in rap, but still take the more advanced musical classes. To make this easy to navigate we’ll be labelling each course with a level from beginner to advanced.

  4. Any classes focusing exclusively on solo work will be capped at 8 participants rather than the usual 16.

  5. We’re simplifying venues, so everything will take place at Summerhall- easy!



  1. Every class, show, jam, and social event is still going to be wheelchair accessible and our new daytime venue means we’re not relying on a temperamental lift anymore- hooray!

  2. Shows are going to stay short and sweet so everyone can see all the shows without sacrificing food or sleep.

  3. The class preference form will be made a bit sleeker and more intuitive, but the general idea will stay the same: you’ll be allocated your preferred classes and the sooner you sign up the more likely you are to get your top choices.

  4. There will be a non-singing option in each class time slot

  5. The teachers will be awesome 

  6. There will be snacks

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